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Multi Server MySQL Client - ccql
Another fruit from Github's basket! ccql - What is it? Answer: ccql is an abbreviation for "Concurrent client for MySQL". It connects to multiple MySQL servers at a time based on the provided list of hosts and execute given SQL query concurrently. Provides the consolidated result which saves quite a
MySQL Failover/Replication Topology Management With Orchestrator
What is Orchestrator? Orchestrator is an open source GitHub project authored by Mr. Shlomi Noach and available at the following Github Link: Major functionalities of Orchestrator includes MySQL/MariaDB Master/Intermediate-Master DB failover in seconds (10-20 secs) considering your requirements and managing replication topology (Changing
Mysql Failover With MHA (Master High Availability)
MySQL Automatic Failover with MHA (Master High Availability) Few questions and answers before to begin : Q 1) What is MySQL Failover? Q 2) What is MHA and How does it do MySQL Failover? Q 3) Is there any alternative available? Q 4) How does MHA works? Ans 1) As most
MySQL Online DDL vs pt-online-schema-change
In MySQL 5.6, Oracle introduced a superb feature of online ddl which means that you can change schema of your tables without blocking any concurrent DML or other queries. Looks good right? Though, It's not applicable on every DDL you execute. In some cases, DDL happens the old way
MySQL 5.6 vs MySQL 5.7 Performance Comparison
Test Hosts : host1 - MySQL 5.6 - c4.xlarge - AWS Instance host2 - MySQL 5.7 - c4.xlarge - AWS Instance CPU : 4 Core host3 with sysbench 0.4 Create prepare table in test database : sysbench --test=oltp --db-driver=mysql --oltp-table-size=10000000 --mysql-db=test --mysql-user=app --mysql-password=
Move innodb tablespace from one to another server
This blog is about transferring tablespace from one to another server in case of data loss or disaster recovery of specific tables in quickest way. prerequisites : innodbfileper_table should be 1 at both source and destination servers. This variables comes enable by default in MySQL 5.6 In order to
MySQL Proxy - Implementation & Usage
1) Download MySQL proxy (tar) from MySQL download link. Remember that mysql-proxy 0.8.1 is somehow incomptabile with mysql 5.6 (got handshake err during use) 2) Unzip and place add its bin folder path to /etc/environment file -> source /etc/environment -> echo $PATH. If it's coming
How to Setup MySQL Semi Sync Replication
Async Replication? By Default, MySQL supports async replication where Master commits transactions and respond to client. It doesn't wait for slaves to commit that transaction. In such replication, slaves might lag behind however, it doesn't impact master in any way. Semi-Sync Replication? In Semi-sync replication, Master doesn't respond to client