Redis 3.* Installation

A post from dbpandit

I recently figured out a sweet way of installing latest version of redis on Centos 6.8. Below mentioned setups will also help you with installation of redis on Ubuntu or other flavours of Linux.

1  yum -y update  
2  yum -y upgrade  
3  yum install -y gcc*  
4  yum install -y tcl  
5  cd /usr/share/  
6  wget  
7  yum install wget  
8  wget  
9  tar xzf redis-3.2.4.tar.gz  
10  cd redis-3.2.4  
11  make  
12  make test  
13  make install  
14  cd utils  
15  chmod +x  
16  ./  
17  service redis_6379 status  

During installation, You'll asked few questions like which port you want to use for redis or which data directory path etc. Here are some the answers which I selected :

Please select the redis port for this instance: [6379]  
Selecting default: 6379  
Please select the redis config file name [/etc/redis/6379.conf] /etc/redis/redis.conf  
Please select the redis log file name [/var/log/redis_6379.log] /var/log/redis.log  
Please select the data directory for this instance [/var/lib/redis/6379] /var/lib/redis  
Please select the redis executable path [/usr/local/bin/redis-server]  
Selected config:  
Port           : 6379  
Config file    : /etc/redis/redis.conf  
Log file       : /var/log/redis.log  
Data dir       : /var/lib/redis  
Executable     : /usr/local/bin/redis-server  
Cli Executable : /usr/local/bin/redis-cli  
Is this ok? Then press ENTER to go on or Ctrl-C to abort.  
Copied /tmp/6379.conf => /etc/init.d/redis_6379  

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