Let's setup Cassandra 3.0 - Installation & Production Configuration
If You're new to Apache Cassandra and curious to know more about it, This blog is for you. I'll cover some basics about Cassandra, I'll go throw its installation process considering the latest stable release. Also, I'll share important parameters and tips about how to configure Cassandra in the Production
Setup and Configure ElasticSearch Cluster for Production/Test Environment
This blog isn't about ElasticSearch basics so if you are looking to know about ElasticSearch basics, Kindly refer the following: https://www.elastic.co/webinars/getting-started-elasticsearch?elektra=home&iesrc=ctr As described, We'll see how to setup and make ElasticSearch up and running for production load. In this tutorial,
Multi Server MySQL Client - ccql
Another fruit from Github's basket! ccql - What is it? Answer: ccql is an abbreviation for "Concurrent client for MySQL". It connects to multiple MySQL servers at a time based on the provided list of hosts and execute given SQL query concurrently. Provides the consolidated result which saves quite a
MySQL Failover/Replication Topology Management With Orchestrator
What is Orchestrator? Orchestrator is an open source GitHub project authored by Mr. Shlomi Noach and available at the following Github Link: https://github.com/outbrain/orchestrator. Major functionalities of Orchestrator includes MySQL/MariaDB Master/Intermediate-Master DB failover in seconds (10-20 secs) considering your requirements and managing replication topology (Changing
Redis 3.* Installation
I recently figured out a sweet way of installing latest version of redis on Centos 6.8. Below mentioned setups will also help you with installation of redis on Ubuntu or other flavours of Linux. 1 yum -y update 2 yum -y upgrade 3 yum install -y gcc* 4 yum
Mysql Failover With MHA (Master High Availability)
MySQL Automatic Failover with MHA (Master High Availability) Few questions and answers before to begin : Q 1) What is MySQL Failover? Q 2) What is MHA and How does it do MySQL Failover? Q 3) Is there any alternative available? Q 4) How does MHA works? Ans 1) As most
MySQL Online DDL vs pt-online-schema-change
In MySQL 5.6, Oracle introduced a superb feature of online ddl which means that you can change schema of your tables without blocking any concurrent DML or other queries. Looks good right? Though, It's not applicable on every DDL you execute. In some cases, DDL happens the old way
Monitor ElasticSearch via Zabbix
Before to start with this blog post. Following should exists in your environment to implement the same : 1) Complete zabbix setup with zabbix-agent on your elasticsearch's node machine. 2) Python 2.7 or further with following python modules : elasticsearch. In case, You haven't installed these yet do it before you
MySQL 5.6 vs MySQL 5.7 Performance Comparison
Test Hosts : host1 - MySQL 5.6 - c4.xlarge - AWS Instance host2 - MySQL 5.7 - c4.xlarge - AWS Instance CPU : 4 Core host3 with sysbench 0.4 Create prepare table in test database : sysbench --test=oltp --db-driver=mysql --oltp-table-size=10000000 --mysql-db=test --mysql-user=app --mysql-password=
Setting Up LVM (Logical Volume Manager)
Let's start with a question. Q. Why Do we need LVM? Ans - Let's say that we are running a database server with 100G of physical volume. After running for few months, That volume is about to get 100% utilised. Now, We have two options, Either : 1) Shutdown MySQL, Copy